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Awkward Moment 4.28.16

It’s the only awkward moment I’m thankful for. Seriously.  Like many of you, I dislike awkward. A lot.  Like a real lot. I was an Intern under Jeanne Mayo in Rockford, Illinois and Tuesday mornings were a treasured time.  Every week she would impart leadership and life lessons on everything from raising children to saving for […]

A dream realized 7-9-14

I can’t stop thinking about it. For the past several months I have been in the planning stages of an exciting project that will launch this fall.  It’s a tangible reminder to me that God is still at work and His plans are exceedingly greater than anything I could think, ask or imagine! Here’s what […]

“Middle School”- dedicated to those who have been bullied 4.15.14

I was only 14 and I already wanted my life to end.  Life had never been worse and I couldn’t see it ever getting better.  Taking my own life wasn’t an option so instead I asked God to take me in my sleep. I’m so glad He heard me.  I’m even more thankful He said […]