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“Middle School”- dedicated to those who have been bullied 4.15.14

I was only 14 and I already wanted my life to end.  Life had never been worse and I couldn’t see it ever getting better.  Taking my own life wasn’t an option so instead I asked God to take me in my sleep. I’m so glad He heard me.  I’m even more thankful He said […]

Our Scary Kodak Moment 3.3.14

“A Kodak moment.” It’s been part of our language for years. It’s that exact point in time when everything is perfect and someone says, “What a Kodak moment.”  Let’s capture it.  Let’s not miss this one. Kodak dominated the photographic scene for over 100 years.  Almost everyone used the brand.  I can remember buying film […]

One Question Away! 2.25.14

Are you inquisitive by nature?  Have you ever been frustrated by a question?  Are you frustrated right now?  Is this whole article a riddle?  Did Bobbi write this after 11:00 p.m.? I’m an inquisitive person by nature and it’s a helpful quality to have for the most part. My mom tells me of a time […]

Using Discontentment to Your Advantage 1.29.13

Using Discontentment to Your Advantage In the Urban Dictionary:  “Polishing a turd” is defined as; “To fix, repair, repaint, shine or do other things to something that isn’t worthy – but you have to do it for one reason or another. Because the basic fact is no matter what you do to a turd – […]

“Snapshot Syndrome” 1.18.13

( Snap.shot.syn.drome) “The mistake of assuming someone has a better life than you based upon what you see when you look at their facebook page.” I’ve been guilty of it and I’m sure many of you have too.  It’s the modern version of “keeping up with the Jones’s.”  We look at a snapshot of someone’s life […]

Rumor Has It: Popular Lie Exposed 1.14.13

Rumor Has It:  Popular Lie Exposed We’ve all seen it.  An outrageous story spreads across the internet like wildfire.  Suddenly it has 6 trillion shares and likes. The problem?  It’s completely untrue. We sometimes believe things as truth without checking the facts, don’t we?  How embarrassing, right? I’ve learned to examine my thoughts carefully.  A […]

Watch Your Mouth 1.09.13

There’s almost nothing more repulsive to me than a catty woman.  Although, an infomercial on a product called “Pedi-spin” came close once.  An involuntary gag reflex forced me to change the channel.   While that was extremely disgusting, a true “mean girl” will usually get me upset faster and cause me to avoid more often than […]