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An unattached anchor can’t do its job.

Hebrews 6:19 (NIV) “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…” What do you picture when you read this verse?  If you’re like most people, you see a boat being rocked by the wind and waves as an anchor keeps the boat somewhat in place.  I see that too, but […]

Awkward Moment 4.28.16

It’s the only awkward moment I’m thankful for. Seriously.  Like many of you, I dislike awkward. A lot.  Like a real lot. I was an Intern under Jeanne Mayo in Rockford, Illinois and Tuesday mornings were a treasured time.  Every week she would impart leadership and life lessons on everything from raising children to saving for […]

My Spirit is Grieved Today… 3.4.16

My spirit is grieved today and I can’t help but think God’s must be too.  Did I miss some sort of class? What is with influential Christian leaders using their platforms to slander co-laborers in Christ?  Have we gotten so far off mission that we see it our job to warn people of ministry styles […]

I’ve been thinking… 3.2.16

I’ve been thinking about the heart. There’s a reason the Lord wants us to “guard it above all else.”  (Prov. 4:23) There’s a reason it’s described like “soil,” a place where things grow.  (Mark 4:1-20) Here are some thoughts….. An unguarded heart is the devil’s play-ground. Like a devious child transferring bad words at recess, […]


Here’s a recent guest blog I did for my friends at We’ve heard it said, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Well… this story is just too good to keep in Vegas so here it comes! My husband Aaron and I were on one of our treasured getaways.  It was the first time […]

EVERY LEADER’S BATTLE- “Our Need to be Developed – vs.- Our Need to be Discovered.” 10-27-14

Here’s a message I spoke to a young adult group recently.  These are thoughts that could impact leaders of any age.   I have learned that most leaders don’t really want to be developed.  We just want to be discovered. This is a battle that every leader with big dreams will fight.  We have a […]

A dream realized 7-9-14

I can’t stop thinking about it. For the past several months I have been in the planning stages of an exciting project that will launch this fall.  It’s a tangible reminder to me that God is still at work and His plans are exceedingly greater than anything I could think, ask or imagine! Here’s what […]

“Middle School”- dedicated to those who have been bullied 4.15.14

I was only 14 and I already wanted my life to end.  Life had never been worse and I couldn’t see it ever getting better.  Taking my own life wasn’t an option so instead I asked God to take me in my sleep. I’m so glad He heard me.  I’m even more thankful He said […]

Our Scary Kodak Moment 3.3.14

“A Kodak moment.” It’s been part of our language for years. It’s that exact point in time when everything is perfect and someone says, “What a Kodak moment.”  Let’s capture it.  Let’s not miss this one. Kodak dominated the photographic scene for over 100 years.  Almost everyone used the brand.  I can remember buying film […]

One Question Away! 2.25.14

Are you inquisitive by nature?  Have you ever been frustrated by a question?  Are you frustrated right now?  Is this whole article a riddle?  Did Bobbi write this after 11:00 p.m.? I’m an inquisitive person by nature and it’s a helpful quality to have for the most part. My mom tells me of a time […]