las vegas

Here’s a recent guest blog I did for my friends at goliveoriginal.com:

We’ve heard it said, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Well… this story is just too good to keep in Vegas so here it comes!

My husband Aaron and I were on one of our treasured getaways.  It was the first time in Vegas for both of us and we had an absolute blast. (FYI – If anyone tells you there are plenty of cheap things for non-gamblers to do  they are either from another planet or terrible at math!)

Before our trip, several friends had warned us to watch out for pickpockets. On our second day we discovered why.

It was 10:00 in the morning.  We were casually walking the Strip, admiring all the glitz and glam.  Both of us began to notice two large men in their early 20’s following extremely close to us.  It bothered us so we stepped to the side and let the men pass by.  Immediately they began following the couple in front of us.

Being the vigilantes that we are, we continued to watch them.  The men followed the couple’s every zig and zag through the crowd.  A broken zipper on the woman’s purse caught our eye.   It was hanging open and it felt like the guys were going to strike at any moment.

My plan was to keep a careful watch and make a scene if something happened.  My husband had other plans.

“Ma’am, watch your purse!” He yelled in a deep intimidating voice.

“Who?!!?….. What??!!! …..Where??!!!”  She exclaimed as she jumped around grasping the purse.

“The two guys behind you,” I quickly whispered.

“Who….. US????”  the guys asked.

“Yeah-YOU,” said a heated Aaron in a ‘Don’t play dumb with me’ voice.  “You’re following this couple really closely and YOU BETTER WATCH IT!”

“Oh these two?  They’re with us,” said the DAD with a smirk.  “They’re our sons.”

I almost died.

Aaron made small talk and tried to cool down.  (nervous laughter) “Ha-ha… well that makes sense why you’d be walking so close!”

I, however, found a hiding spot around the closest corner.

Have you ever been wrong?

It’s a strange feeling to be so sure of something- even have an otherwise discerning person agree with you and find out you’ve both come to the wrong conclusion.

After Aaron talked me out of hiding we laughed about what happened.  We were shocked at how strongly and “wrongly” we both felt.  We determined there was a question that could have helped us discover truth before we acted.

“Ma’am, are these guys with you?”

That question would have destroyed a funny story but saved us from wrong thinking and action!

It’s a fun story but it’s got me thinking, I wonder what strongly-held beliefs you and I are wrong about today?  What have we decided about our worth?  What of our ability or perceived inability?

Maybe strong feelings have deceived us into a wrong relationship.  Maybe we have neglected the Word of God as our filter for truth.

Are our recent dominant feelings based upon truth?  Have we asked anyone else to help us sort through our feelings?  If not, why?  Do we even have anyone who has the right to tell us the truth?  If not, why?

Asking ourselves questions like these will help us narrow down what to think and what to say or do.

Our feelings can be overwhelming and deceive us into action. 

2 Corinthians 10:5 (NIV) says,We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

Feelings often lead us astray. They’ll lead us to believe that a feeling is TRUTH when indeed it is not! Some of us need to become vigilantes.  There are thoughts and conclusions that have snuck into our back pockets and stolen from us!  They are stealing our joy.  They have stolen our freedom.

Someone needs to shout out and expose these creeps for what they are!  Take them captive, make them submit.  Just because our feelings are strong doesn’t mean they are right. Feelings are not the boss of us.  They don’t know that so we have to tell them:) Get that pointer finger up…. move your neck from side to side with attitude and say, “You’re not the boss of me!”

So in conclusion I say … don’t jump to conclusions! Even seasoned Christ-followers sometimes get it wrong!  Don’t be so quick to decide your worth or make decisions based on your feelings.

One more thing…. if you’re going to Las Vegas, you won’t need any help from a pickpocket or slot machine to lose all your money!  It really does happen to stay there!”


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