Wife. Mother. Pastor. Communicator. Outgoing Introvert. Lover of courage and creativity. Advocate for unity in God’s Church.

I want to spend my influence on things that matter, that’s why I started this blog.  I hope it encourages you today.

I want my influence to be far-reaching, so I founded the Zero Project:

“A strategy to generate awareness and action for concerns demanding zero tolerance.”  thezeroproject.org

Most of what I do and who I am can be summed up in my life’s mission statement…..

“To live a courageous and creative life of significance that challenges others towards healthy thoughts and actions.”  

So… consider yourself warned!  You may be inspired or challenged.

I apologize in advance if I crash a pity party- but hey, it is your party you can cry if you want to!



  1. mike armstrong · · Reply

    Great message today …God’s heart through you

  2. Traci Luedtke · · Reply

    Your message in church this morning in church really has inspired me. I have been in a “dry” season for quite some time and never really knew what to call it. Thank you so much for being honest about yourself and making me see once again how “real” the people of Newlife really are. You all have been a blessing to my family and I love each and every one of you! I will be “feeding” myself a LOT more from now on, not just waiting for someone else to do it for me. Honestly, your message this morning was a two by four upside the head, lol.

  3. Traci Luedtke · · Reply

    OOPS!! Fingers working faster than the brain…Should not have had “in church” twice, lol

  4. Traci, Thanks so much for the encouragement. Sorry about the whole 2X4 to the head thing!

  5. mike Armstrong · · Reply

    Love your sunday message

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